1. Only one account per person.
  2. Be civil. No personal attacks.
  3. Respect everyone's time. Don't spam.
  4. A volunteer may not participate if they haven’t completed a location's requirements to volunteer. For example, Family Promise requires and hour-and-a-half seminar and a criminal background check to become a volunteer.
  5. A volunteer must have their own reliable means of transportation to the locations they selected so they can show up on time.
  6. A volunteer is not a babysitter. The child’s parent must present.
  7. Volunteers must bring anything that their activity requires unless it’s on the list of things available at the location (e.g., if you plan to play soccer, bring a soccer ball).
  8. Volunteers looking to receive community service credit must acquire it through the organization/center they volunteered at, not through Kids Empowering Kids.