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Kids Empowering Kids Family Sign-up

Preface: As a guest at Family Promise and through the Kids Empowering Kids website, you will have access to a list of talented high school student volunteers. On the website, Volunteer Partners are the high school groups where these volunteers come from. Family Partners are the locations where volunteers from Volunteer Partners can offer their services. Our volunteers offer a wide variety of skill sets, giving your children free access to music lessons, sports training, tutoring, and arts and crafts. More than that, when these volunteers spend time with your kids, you also get some breathing room. Our volunteers, however, are not babysitters, so a parent must be present while they are there.  

To sign up for the website, you will need an email and a password. Please, keep track of this information. Once you sign up, you can search volunteers by name, Volunteer Partner, Family Partner, and the activities they offer from four categories: Arts and Crafts, Music, Sports, Tutoring. After selecting the volunteer that works best for you, check the “Good Time to Contact” section of their bio and then reach out to them through their listed email or phone number. After you contact them and schedule an appointment or a regular time for them to come, it is the responsibility of the volunteer to show up on time and follow through with the appointment. If you have any questions about how to use the website, please contact our Family Coordinator, Jessica Bargamian (

Steps to Sign Up:

  1. On the home page of, click the Blue “Find a Volunteer” button in the top right corner.

  2. Click the red “Register Your Family” button

  3. Fill out the information required. Note: All of your information is confidential and can only be accessed by our website administrator.

  4. If you are leaving Family Promise or no longer want to have a Kids Empowering Kids account, contact Julia Cleary, ITO (

  5. You can now search volunteers by the previously mentioned categories and contact them to set up appointments! Remember to put “Family Promise Metrowest, Natick Shelter” as your “Location (of Family Partner)” when searching for volunteers.


Kids Empowering Kids Volunteer Sign-up

Preface: Kids Empowering Kids is an organization that connects children that are homeless or underprivileged with youth in their community looking to share their talents and time. We are affiliated with Family Promise Metrowest right now, but we plan to incorporate other Family Partners in the future. On the website, Volunteer Partners are high school groups affiliated with Family Promise or other organizations that provide shelter to the homeless. Family Partners are the locations or shelters where volunteers from Volunteer Partners can offer their services. Information on how to volunteer at specific Family Partners, along with their resources and contact information, can be found in blue boxes at the bottom of our homepage. Information about specific volunteer partners can be found in the same place. If you are not affiliated with one of our Volunteer Partners, you can sign up as an Independent Family Promise Volunteer.

After you sign up by clicking the green “Become a Volunteer” button in the top-right corner of our website and fill in your information, families can search you by name, your Volunteer Partner, your Family Partner, and the activities you offer from four categories: Arts and Crafts, Music, Sports, Tutoring. They will contact you through your email or your phone number. If they do so, it is both the responsibility of you and your parents to try to work out an appointment time and your responsibility to follow up on scheduled appointments. Also note, it is unlikely you will be contacted often by the families; this is meant to be a resource for them to use when they need it.

Families in shelter live in close quarters. By spending time with kids and developing a relationship with them, you are also helping the parents by giving them breathing room, but you are not a babysitter. The child’s parent must be present.

Steps to Sign Up:

  1. Go to, and read the “Why?”, “How?”, and “Who?” paragraphs on the homepage.

  2. Click the link to our Facebook page (, and give us a like :) If you don’t have a Facebook, do not worry about this step.

  3. Before you sign up for any Family Partner or Volunteer Partner, you must read their individual requirements, resources, and contact information in the blue boxes at the bottom of the homepage.

  4. If you choose Family Promise Metrowest as a Family Partner, you must sign up for the Kids Empowering Kids Cervis group after you complete your volunteer training and before you sign up as a volunteer on the Kids Empowering Kids website. Information about Cervis will be given to you after your training. This allows us to verify that you are a trained volunteer.

  5. On the homepage of our website, click the green “Become a Volunteer Button” at the top-right corner.

  6. Before you fill in your information, you must read the “Volunteer Rules and Agreements” and the “Volunteer Code” on the left-hand side of the page thoroughly. There’s also an example of volunteer information at the bottom of this page.

  7. Fill in your information. In the “bio,” elaborate on your skills and what you have to offer the children. For example, if you listed music as an activity, list your instrument and experience. You can edit your information at any time.

  8. Contact Julia Cleary, ITO ( if you can no longer volunteer on our database (e.g., you’re graduating high school) or don’t want to be on the database, so we can delete your account.


Volunteer Sign-up Information Example

  1. Age - 18

  2. Mobile Phone - 617-***-****

  3. When should families try to call you to schedule appointments (e.g., anytime after 6:00 pm on weekdays)?  - Feel free to call me after 7:00 pm on weekdays or in the afternoon on Saturdays.

  4. What volunteer partner are you affiliated with? - Dover-Sherborn High School Community Service Club

  5. Which family partner would you like to work at? - Family Promise Metrowest Natick, MA Shelter

  6. When are you available to volunteer?  - I am at the Natick shelter from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm every Sunday. I'm also available on Saturdays depending on my schedule.

  7. Activities You Offer - Music, Sports, Tutoring

  8. Short Bio (Is there anything else you would like the kids to know about you?) - I've been volunteering at Family Promise for three years, and I love hanging out with kids! I play guitar, soccer, and can tutor in Math, Science, English, and U.S. History. I've been playing guitar since I was 6, and now teach privately and perform in a Jazz combo. I've played four years of varsity soccer and played club soccer my entire life.



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