About Kids Empowering Kids

"Kids Empowering Kids was born at Family Promise, an organization that helps homeless and low-income families regain their housing and independence through community-based response. Besides teaching families financial literacy and helping them find affordable housing, Family Promise provides temporary housing, which is where Kids Empowering Kids comes in. While tutoring and giving music lessons to children at Family Promise Metrowest in Natick, MA in high school, I felt that we could help leverage their existing volunteer pool to connect youth in temporary housing with talented high school volunteers in their community. Kids Empowering Kids makes the rewards of service even more accessible to high schoolers while growing both our Family Partners' volunteer pools and engagement within those pools. We hope to continue to refign our model and scale in the future to have a positive social impact on other communities."

Zachary Abrams

Directing Advisor


"My passion for volunteering and community service began at Family Promise. I can't explain how much I've gotten out of spending time with the kids there as a community volunteer. Through Kids Empowering Kids, I want to continue giving back to our community and to make an impact on other communities in the future. Through helping develop Kids Empowering Kids, I hope to create a more accessible way to volunteer, so that other high school students can share in the same rewarding experience that I have had."

Julia Cleary

President, Volunteer Coordinator


"I have always loved the idea of having a positive impact on the lives of others. Being given the chance to be a part of Kids Empowering Kids has given me the amazing opportunity to have a positive social impact on the community. I am excited to continue our partnership with Family Promise while helping grow Kids Empowering Kids. Most of all, I'm excited to play a part in sharing the rewards of service with high school volunteers."

Mia Canning



"I never really understood the impact of community service until I began volunteering at Family Promise Metrowest. My first few times volunteering at Family Promise were solely to fulfill a community service requirement. Through volunteering at Family Promise, however, I began to realize that community service isn’t all about counting the hours. Instead, it is about making the difference in the lives of others and feeling proud for what you have accomplished at the same time. Kids Empowering Kids is a wonderful organization that will truly benefit all who are a part of it!"

Jessica Bargamian

Family Coordinator


"Family Promise Metrowest made me realize how important and beneficial giving back to the community is. Through Family Promise, I have made many friends and acquaintances who share the same goal of helping others.  Kids Empowering Kids is a program that I'm so astonishingly happy to be a part of! I'm glad that there's a program that directly connects high school volunteers to low-income children and adolescents". 

Zoe Akpan

Social Media Manager, Volunteer Recruitment