About Kids Empowering Kids

Kids Empowering Kids was born at Family Promise, an organization that helps homeless and low-income families regain their housing and independence through community-based response. Besides teaching families financial literacy and helping them find affordable housing, Family Promise provides temporary housing, which is where Kids Empowering Kids comes in. While tutoring and giving music lessons to children that were homeless at Family Promise Metrowest in Natick, MA, I felt that a portal specifically for kids and their parents would help them better connect with the incredible volunteers and resources in their communities. The portal provides families with access to free tutoring or even basketball lessons while allowing high school volunteers to provide the services they want to provide.

I began volunteering at Family Promise to fulfill a high school service requirement, but through volunteering and interacting with the kids, I developed a passion for service. Kids Empowering Kids makes the rewards of service even more accessible to high schoolers while enlarging the volunteer and service pool for Family Promise.

Zachary Abrams

President, Co-Founder

My passion for volunteering began at Family Promise. I can not begin to describe how much I've gotten out of spending time with the kids there as a community volunteer. Through Kids Empowering Kids, I hope to start giving back to the community. As Volunteer and Information Technology Officer and a Professional Development Officer, I plan to showcase my strengths working with people as well as to ensure that our database runs smoothly and accurately. Through helping develop Kids Empowering Kids, I hope to create a more accessible way to volunteer, so that other high school students can share in the rewarding experience that I have had.

Julia Cleary

Volunteer Coordinator and Information Technology Officer, Professional Development Officer

Volunteering and giving back to the community has always been a large and significant part of my life. Being a part of Kids Empowering Kids allows me to continue to that while making it possible for others to do the same. As Family Coordinator and a Professional Development Officer, I will to do my best to enrich the lives of both the volunteers and the children they are helping.

Zoe Hughes 

Family Coordinator, Professional Development Officer 


I have always loved the idea of having a positive impact on others lives. Being given the chance to be a part of Kids Empowering Kids has given me the amazing opportunity to help out in the community. I cannot wait to continue in working with Family Promise and take on the position of Professional Development Officer, I hope to be able to create new opportunities for others.

Mia Canning

Professional Development Officer 

Our mission here at Kids Empowering Kids is especially important for me because I am from a family of immigrants that had to rely heavily on international support groups such as the Salvation Army in order in order to get in a position where they could be successful. Coming from this background has made me determined to make an impact in my community by helping others get the support they need in order to get out of their difficult situations. Additionally, as the finance and resource officer for Kids Empowering Kids, I bring a strong passion for business and years of experience from internships at BTS Asset Management. I firmly believe that everyone should experience the joys of giving back to those in need and will continue to work to connect people together to make this possible. I am excited to grow this initiative and continue to strive to make the world a better place with Kids Empowering Kids.

Henry Pasts

Finance and Resource Officer, Co-Founder